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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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Chapter 06
7th Jun 2012, 4:00 PM in Chapter06
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Author Notes:
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Here's the information about the whys of the update schedule for those curious:

Over the last several months I’ve been working two jobs and between the two I’ve barely had any time to work on comic pages. I’ve been able to uphold the 2x a week schedule and add the two 3x a week update months due to all of the work I had done before 2012 started. Of course, not all the pages that have gone up since 2012 started were completed in 2011 (in fact, today’s page was finished at the end of March) but my buffer has shrank significantly and the amount of pages I have as works in progress is almost 0. Fast forward to the present. While I’m unable to keep updating at the pace of 3x a week I’m extremely hopeful for the future. I’ve gotten more done over the past several days (now that I’m down to one job) than I’ve been able to get done over the course of several weeks when I had two jobs. I would like to get to the point where I can updating 3x a week permanently and am hopeful that if nothing dramatic changes over the summer I’ll be at that point by August/September. This looks doable now that I can potentially accomplish the same amount of work that use to take me a month to do in about a week to a week and a half’s time. Of course I still have to rebuild everything that was lost while I was working two jobs but I’m confident that I can do that over the course of the summer. I’ll try to remember to keep y’all updated.