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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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4th Oct 2012, 4:00 PM in Chapter07
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Author Notes:
zartala edit delete
This is one of those pages where I want to comment on what is going on but am afraid of spoiling the following pages.

Computer related news: I really miss my computer which has been sent away for repairs but the really nice part about not having a computer is that I've gotten so much background work done on Eternity Complex. I finally got around to estimating the number of pages each story arc will take, getting sketches done of all the characters who have yet to join the cast, and scripting a solid year's worth of pages (I'm hoping to get the thumbnails done and some of the sketching done before my computer returns). It's a ton of stuff that I've been meaning to do for a while now but hadn't because I always feel like I'm falling behind with my buffer. I'm glad that my computer breaking has given me the chance to be super productive.