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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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9th Jan 2014, 4:00 PM in Chapter11
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Author Notes:
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Bjorn is immune to the really big headache. Here's to hoping that Fae learned enough about using Dwarven abilities that she can gain that immunity.


I meant to add the last page of the tutorial up with Monday's update but I was still recovering from the holidays. It is up now.

Also, Eternity Complex now has a Facebook page. I'm not so great with posting to social media, and that's a big understatement, but for the new year I'd like to try a bit more. The Facebook page is going to be updated with update notices and occasionally previews of upcoming pages. If you've been to the Google+ page, it will be the same type of posts. I'm also hoping that I can ramp up the amount of preview type posts but I don't want to make promises that I may not be able to keep once I start back with classes. I didn't sign up for any easy classes this semester...that may come back to bite me in a few months. Anyway, back to social media, there will be a proper Facebook button up before Monday's update. If there're other types of posts that you would like to see on social media sites, I'm all ears.