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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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8th Dec 2014, 4:05 PM in Chapter13
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Author Notes:
zartala edit delete
Run ladies run!
User comments:
Ninabird edit delete reply
I was wondering whether his abilities were going to get them out of this the way the got them in...
zartala edit delete reply
Well, it isn't over yet... ;)

I love your read on the situation! :) It's a completely different view from how I thought about the scene while writing. I completely missed how Bjorn's reaction to the situation appears to come full circle. To me it was always a "if x, then y" type of situation and I didn't think to look beyond that reading into what else is going on.