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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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30th Mar 2015, 4:07 PM in Chapter14
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Author Notes:
zartala edit delete
I sure hope Fae is quick on her feet.

Back at the end of February there was enough bad weather (snow and ice) to close down the university I attend for multiple days. In that time I was able to build up enough of a buffer to last the remainder of the semester; since then I haven't touched the comic. There are no words that can describe how relieved I am that I took the plunge and lowered the update schedule down to once a week for the current chapter. It was a decision I agonized over a lot at the time but in hind sight was the right call to make. In general I'm a highly anxious person, but it helps soothe my anxieties, even if just a little, to know that I feel that I made the right call.

Once the semester ends, I have a few weeks before I head out of town for close to a month for summer field camp (requirement to graduate). In that time I hope to get enough pages done so that the update schedule can go back to 2x a week for the summer months. Only time will tell but I can still hope.
User comments:
Epiale edit delete reply
You've got a really great dynamic scene going, hope she's able to dodge that! Seriously you've got a gorgeous art style.
zartala edit delete reply
Thanks so much! :)

Every chapter I try to focus on areas that I know need improvement; one of the main areas for this chapter was dynamics. I'm really glad that the dynamic-ness is noticeable. :)
Ninabird edit delete reply
Really scary top panel! Especially with the little smirk...
zartala edit delete reply
She's definitely someone I would not want to be on the wrong side of.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
Oh man, that is a worrying top panel indeed! I love the sense of urgency you've carried all through this scene, Zartala, it's really well done!
zartala edit delete reply
Thanks so much! :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
That first panel is outstanding!!! Lots of energy.

I struggle all the time with trying to maintain a consistent update schedule. My job and family and house maintenance will always supersede my hobby. I am the champ of being inconsistent. I try very hard to update on the weekends but sometimes I just don't make it.

I changed my comic description in my banner, kind of warning about it's lack of consistency. I hope that that mitigates any frustration that might develop from my choppy schedule.

As for me it doesn't really bother me if someone else's schedule is more flexible. I read the next pages as they appear on my subscription queue. I don't even bother getting to know someones intended update schedule.
zartala edit delete reply
Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

I agree maintaining an update schedule is hard. Life always finds a way to supersede any hobby. And I think most people who read webcomics understand that. I read webcomics a lot like you do and don't pay attention to who updates by a schedule and who doesn't.

However, I have this really bad problem of holding myself to unrealistic standards that are way higher than what I would hold anyone else to. It's a problem that causes me some (or really a lot of) stress but at the same time I credit it with keeping me motivated. If I only updated as my pages were completed I'd update in batches of 6-8 pages every few days and then nothing for 3-4 months. I'd probably forget I had a comic during one of those long breaks and stop updating entirely.

Forcing myself to stick to a schedule helps me to remember that I have a comic that needs to be worked on as soon as I get some breathing room, even though it adds on the stress of buffer page counting. But I know that my method of working on pages isn't going to work for anyone else.