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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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21st Sep 2015, 12:20 PM in Chapter15
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Author Notes:
zartala edit delete
In addition to better backgrounds, I'm also trying to keep the light source consistent across scenes. I've really only paid attention to the light source when it is directly drawn into the scene and I'd like to try and not do that anymore.

This semester has been really stressful so far but if today goes according to plan, the biggest source of that stress will be eliminated. It's a weird feeling for me. Back in May I was really excited to get an officer position in the club I'm in but now I'm just glad to be planning my resignation. It also helps that one of the other officers is right there with me. We both have the same problems with what is going on behind the scenes and with how we are being treated. When a conversation consists of "I'm glad you said something first" and "me too" repeatedly you know you are caught in a sick system. Here's to hoping all goes according to plan.
User comments:
TheD-Wrek edit delete reply
Such an adorable page. Love it. :)

Sorry to hear about the rough semester. Hope everything worked out. :D
zartala edit delete reply
Thanks! :)

I'll have to wait and see on the semester thing. One of the professors who advises the club agreed to be present for all of the officer meetings to keep things not abusive. Friday will be the first test with a professor present. It'll probably go fine but if it doesn't I (and one other officer) only agreed to give things another week or two before officially resigning.